Sunday, 31 August 2014

The U.S. Open

Having a father who had been a professional football player, and was an avid sports fan, meant I grew up watching a lot of sports on television. Dad watched football, a sport I never understood, tennis, golf and occasionally baseball. I remember though, like his son, he felt baseball was a good sport to nap to.

I played tennis as a youth, as my Dad played, and it was a much easier thing to do then, with the number of public tennis courts in the local parks. When I married I tried golf for a time.

For some reason in my later years, I’ve become a sports fan, namely tennis and golf. I’ll admit, my eyes are not glued to the television during a match, not necessary with this thing called ‘instant replay’.

This week the second tournament of the FedEx Cup is being played (golf), along with the US Open (tennis).
I’m a Tiger Woods fan, but unfortunately he’s not playing for the next few months, but there’s still another fave of mine playing, in the Open...Roger Federer.

I think I first noticed Federer in those Gillette ads from the 1980’s, which also featured Tiger Woods and Thierry Henry. Did those ads appeal to women who do the bulk of household shopping, or to men who are sports fans?

I’m writing this as I wait for Roger Federer’s next match.

I hope he wins.

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