Friday, 8 August 2014

Hints for Christmas

Yesterday I talked about this sweater I made for my daughter that was a disaster right from the beginning. Since that time I have avoided knitting, and work exclusively in crochet.

So, it was with great surprise that I find my daughter forwarding me images, from items found on Pinterest I would imagine, for things crocheted.

The first was for a hooded hat/scarf thing for kids, done in animal colours with added ears. Cute, really cute, but the pattern was not available but had to be ordered on line.

The other night I received a link and a message that she wanted one of whatever it was the link was for. I didn’t know as I couldn’t open it, and sent her a return message.

I got a different link the next morning, (shows how much she liked it) and found it was for a pair of slippers, a kind of crocheted Ugg boot.

And once again, it required the purchase of the pattern. Could she not find anything she liked with a free pattern?

I played for awhile and went back to Pinterest looking to see if the pattern was available anywhere, at no cost.

I finally found a link to the pattern, published on Kindle, at the low cost of $2.99. As I also found five craft books for free, I figured each item averaged out to a cost of fifty cents each. A bargain.

Now I have to sort through my hoard of yarn and see what I might have for slippers. Christmas isn’t far off. And luckily, while I was doing all this searching, I found several techniques to make the bottom of the slippers…less slippery. Perfect.

Last year the family picture was taken with everyone wearing the hats I’d made them for the winter, I can see how it will be next year, with everyone showing off their new slippers.

I better get to work.

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