Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Frustration Solved

So, I posted about all the trouble I was having with a particular post. It had to do with a conversation held on Facebook and something I posted from Pinterest. Being on the lazy side I figured I could do a cut and paste and edit on Blogger.

I had to delete some stuff and then write the rest of the post. When I did a blog preview, the text didn’t appear. I guess I knew instinctively that the cut and paste from Facebook was the cause.

I tried another angle, cut and paste from Blogger to a Word document and started all over.

Still no go.

Then I decided to start fresh, in a new Word document, and would cut and paste to Blogger and publish from there. I wanted the same text and needed a copy of it so that I could retype it in Word. I tried to print a copy.

No go. The printer wouldn’t work. The new printer.

I called my friend who is my personal Help Centre for anything computer. She asked me if I’d done the download of the printer into my new/used laptop. No I hadn’t. So today I downloaded the printer program into my laptop, printed off a copy of the blog, and retyped it into a Word document.

I tried it out as a new post and hallelujah, hail to the king, will wonders never cease, and there it was.

Now I have to find that photo and add it in, I’m not taking any chances on screwing things up again, not after all this work.

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