Tuesday, 19 August 2014

I Hate Change

As I get older I find myself less receptive to change, especially if it involves technology. For some reason, that I don’t quite understand, I decided last winter I needed a new laptop. Some of that may be because of the pop-up virus I’d gotten, and that I would be without a computer, for the time my laptop was in to be repaired.

At any rate, I bought a new Notebook, with a larger screen, still with DVD player and an SD card option. The problem was...it had Windows 8. I got a Word program, downloaded it, set up my E-mails and favourites list and was good to go. For months I was good to go.

Recently, my daughter decided to help me out with it, since I seemed to have forgotten whatever my friend had taught me from the initial set-up.


I didn’t want the daily struggle to get used to Windows 8. I don’t have a cell phone and am not used to all this APP stuff. I just want to be able to do Facebook, play on the internet, and communicate through E-mail. And I want to be able to write.

I made what I call an executive decision and went back to where I had bought my laptop, used, and bought another one, used. It’s newer than the old one but comes with a less traumatic learning curve.

I took the old one in, to get the virus removed so I could give the laptop to my son, and sold the new one, at the family rate, to my daughter. She has a cell and is used to APPs, plus she has Windows 8 on her computer system at work.

Good deal for everyone. And strange as it may seem, the decision put me back to writing. I had been struggling with the new book and we’re up and running again, or up and murdering again. It’s another murder story.

I’m glad it all settled, and to have the laptop gone from the table where I swear its very presence was mocking me. See why I hate change.

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