Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Test of Friendship

Saturday night at 8 P.M. the television series “Doctor Who” aired their new season.

As a tease, I called my friend, an avid fan, at 7:58, and was going to say I needed help with a computer problem, something that happens to me often.

It was the same kind of thing I pulled on my brother as the Super Bowl was about to start.

The joke was on me...she never answered the phone. Was she home and ignoring all calls, or was she out, maybe watching the show with other like minded fans?

The true test of friendship, I’ve heard it said, is the friend who would be there for you, even if it was four in the morning.

I would have been there for my friend, LOL. I would have answered the phone even if the call came right before the long awaited season premier of my favourite show. But then I have the PVR option on my cable receiver and most likely would have had it set to record.

Like I said........................


C R Ward said...

You can call me at 4 a.m. and I'd answer (if I heard the phone - we unplugged the one in the bedroom). But no one messes with my Dr. Who time! :-D

I was actually in the kitchen taking up my supper when I heard the phone and figured it was just a telemarketer 'cause they never left a message. LOL

Crazy? Maybe. But a also a true Whovian. ;-)

Deborah Lean said...

If I called at 4 a.m. you'd probably still be up writing...or reading. I knew better than to mess with Dr. Who.