Friday, 22 August 2014

The Christmas Challenge

Anyone who reads my blog knows I am constantly perusing Pinterest for new crafts and recipes. Even if I’m not in the mood to do something, I’m always in the mood to think about creating, to dream about what to make, get the idea.

The other day I was looking at ideas for Christmas ornaments. A few years ago I started making ornaments for my grandchildren, one each, every year, for their future Christmas trees. It started the year both my children had their third child, so my count was six per year and I worked back to each child’s beginning.

It wasn’t that hard to get caught up, 4 X three years, 3 X one year, 2 X three years and finally 1 X three years. I made a total of 30 ornaments initially but then it was just the six for every year thereafter. Sounds easy, but I’m behind as I missed last year, but I’m hoping to get caught up, hence the thinking of Christmas in August.

I found this terrible, tacky ornament on Pinterest, and shared it on Facebook.

When my children were small we had a kids’ tree in the family room. It was decorated with their handmade ornaments and some of their Disney and other favourite cartoon characters. But never would I have included Mylie Cyrus on her wrecking ball or Christmas ball. At least she wasn’t naked.

I got the following response from my daughter.

“Well, that just sucks because I was trying out my crafting skills and made you ten of them.”

To which I replied.

“Okay, you’ve thrown down the gauntlet now, just wait and see what you get to hang on your Christmas tree this year. Trying out your crafting skills...really?”

My daughter is not a crafting kind of person. After watching me paint, crochet and craft all her life, she’s never shown an interest in any of it.

Her reply.

“Ya, I guess that wasn’t so believable! Me and crafting skills don’t go together.”

I sent her a couple of pictures of really awful ornaments, as a joke. The funny thing is, she’s real particular about her Christmas tree and other decorations. It’s the one time of year when she goes crazy and for her the season can’t come soon enough once November arrives, and yet it all gets packed away by New Years.

This strikes an old memory, about the exchange of tacky gifts. I believe it was between my mother and my brother. I think he got a painted monkey carved out of a coconut shell (she did live in Florida) and in return my brother gave her a black velvet cushion with MOM painted on it. I’ll have to wait and see if he reads this and can clarify.

These are the fun memories of family life, and why I was so quick to jump on the challenge to make my daughter an extra special ornament for her tree.

For sure, every one of my grandchildren will receive their ornament, but for my daughter...I’m glad I have time to think and plan.

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