Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Freshly Mowed Grass

I was taking a lazy morning, lolling about in bed, reading, as I only had...about a hundred pages to go. What can I say, it was a good story.

There was a breeze fluttering the curtains and I could hear the wind blowing through the trees. For a moment the quiet morning was disturbed with the sound of a whipper snipper.

I have to laugh as I'm writing this as I don't know any other word for that machine, the one the man uses to cut the grass at the edge of the garden and walkways. I can still hear the roar of the motor and the slap of the cutter as he makes his way along the maze of pathways.

And then I smelled it...freshly mowed grass. It's almost a cliche, when you think about it. You see it used in books to bring forth that image of a summer day, sunshine, warm temperatures. And that's exactly what it is outside today.

The weather channel had it wrong again. It was supposed to rain, and thunder, all day yesterday and through to some time this morning. But after it rained most of Monday night into Tuesday, we had clear skies, albeit grey and overcast. Today it's blue skies and sunshine.

Sounds like a good day to write. I have a murderer to catch, fictionally speaking of course, and have neglected him terribly. I need to get back into that story, for November will be here before you know it, and my NaNo story is forming in the back of my mind.

So where was I? Oh yeah, Detective Donovan had his third victim, and his first real lead.

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