Monday, 25 August 2014

Admitted Stupidity

I had one of those moments today where I felt really stupid. A real Duh! moment. Like I was suddenly a blonde or something. (Sorry Y.)

My son got me this great computer table. It's got wheels and a side table, so perfect for me, as I sit so much in my comfy chair when I write, play on the laptop. The woman he got the table from had dogs and the casters were full of dog hair, which he nicely cleaned out for me.

So, I've had the table for weeks and lately I've noticed that the table wasn't moving across the carpet as easily as it had before. It still worked, so I ignored it and just gave the table a little harder push when I went to get up.

Today it was really hard to push, and I figured I'd have to clean the casters. I don't have a dog, but my carpet is new and continually gives off a bit of fuzzy lint that I figured must have collected in the wheels.

I leaned down to check the caster and you'll never guess what I found....brakes. The casters had brakes that I'd never noticed before. Well, isn't that great. I must have hit the brakes on the one wheel without even realizing it and was working against it all this time.

Well live and learn, but don't I feel stupid. Good way to start the day, not the feeling stupid, but the laugh it gave me. My day can only get better, right?

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