Monday, 18 August 2014


There is nothing more frustrating as when you think you’ve finally learned, and are comfortable with a new skill, and suddenly the whole thing goes wacky.

I had a post for Sunday and the images came through but none of the text. I played and played and never got it to work.

Is it the new laptop? Shouldn’t be as I posted from this unit before. that time I didn’t have my Microsoft 7 program installed and wrote the text directly in the new post box, as opposed to cut and paste.

I’m writing this as a sample, to see if it’s an overall problem, or just that one.

Here goes nothing.

Post script. I just went through all the steps, and what do you know, it posted. So I'm going to go back and try again with the other post, retype it and see what happens.

Trial and error sucks.

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