Monday, 1 September 2014

Boys Will Be Boys

My son and his family were away camping this week, and for a few days, were joined in the woods by my daughter and her family. Four adults, seven kids and two dogs, lots of fun, sun and fresh air.

There wasn’t anything to do there but hike, swim, fish and enjoy Mother Nature.

I bet the house felt a little confining when my daughter arrived home on Saturday. Still a little bit of that out in the wild feeling making the kids...wild. That must be why my six year old grandson attempted to jump down the short flight of stairs (5 steps in a backsplit house) from the main level to the family room.

He got full points for the jump, for clearing the stairs, but lost out on the landing.

He must have landed hard on the one foot, and yesterday he complained of pain and was unable to fully weight bear. The result of such folly was a mother/son bonding session in the local Emergency department. It was determined he had bruised the foot, and fortunately there was no fracture.

Good thing for him hockey camp is over and it was still 2 days until the start of school.

Boys will be boys, and then they grow up to be...bigger boys.

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