Sunday, 28 September 2014

On a Whirl

It’s funny how time can get away from you when you have a few unforeseen events that throw off your usual daily routines.

It’s been a rough month, a lingering cold and cough, an abscessed tooth followed by an extraction, and of course my Mallet finger (torn tendon in my little finger that means I can no longer straighten the finger). It’s been years since I’d visited the after-hours clinic and I’ve had two visits this month.

I had a lot of down time and didn’t feel up to the demands of the book and contented myself with blogging, until this last week, obviously, as I haven’t posted since the 20th. I had been home with the cold and again after the dental procedure, and then had to start a course of antibiotics, but finally I was feeling some better, though I still felt like I’d had my stuffing knocked out.

Somehow, this past week, my social calendar got very full. Dinner at my son’s, cancelled the previous week, a birthday dinner at my daughter’s for my granddaughter’s 10th birthday. Then it was an out of town lunch with an old friend. The next day I was blessed to have that same granddaughter for the day, as she was home sick from school. Some planned events and a couple unexpected ones.

So it was a surprise on Thursday, at my regular lunch with my writer friend, when she commented that she wasn’t sure I’d be up for lunch out. I was confused. This was the same friend who brought me soup and lozenges in my cold phase this month and she well understands my health situation.

But still, I asked why, and she said I’d been silent and not posted all week, so she thought I was sick again. It didn’t dawn on me at the time, because in my mind I had been blogging a lot, until I looked at the calendar and realized she was right. Not only had I not blogged since last Saturday, I forgot all about it on Wednesday, my usual day to post.

That’s what a full social schedule gets you. I was so tired by Thursday night I looked forward to a few days of nothing. Then today was our early Thanksgiving dinner, turkey with the works, compliments of my daughter. It was nice to see all the kids and my brother and his wife, and now I’m tired and ready to for bed.
I’m hoping for a week of no plans, no social events, just some peace and quiet. I am a loner at the best of times and I do love my solitude, broken up occasionally with some social time. Last week it was no solitude and too much social.

I love my friends and family dearly, we just have to stagger our get-togethers better. So Wednesday came and went and I was totally unaware I’d missed my designated post day, I’ll do better in the future, I promise, or at least I’ll give it a good try.

Here's something funny. I posted this and saw I had done a posting on the 24th. It was one I had written the week before and scheduled for a later date, because...ha, ha. ha...I thought I was posting too frequently. sometimes you can't win for losing.  

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