Thursday, 4 September 2014

A Friend in Deed

I recently wrote about a joke I played on a friend of mine. She’s an avid “Dr. Who” fan and on the night of the season premier I called, at 7:58 p.m., with a supposed computer problem. The joke was on me, she didn’t have to make excuses for not talking, as she didn’t pick up.

My friend and I laughed about this, for she was home that night, getting her supper ready, and had let my call go to voice mail, only I didn’t leave a message. She found out it was me when she read my blog. Maybe she would have answered the phone if she knew it was me...probably only long enough to say if I wasn’t dying, she’d call me the next day.

I’ve been battling a cold since Sunday and am sick to death of coughing. My throat hurts, my chest burns, and my muscles ache. It was so bad yesterday I had to hold my head every time I coughed for fear it would split open with the pressure.

It’s much worse at night, in the quiet hours. As soon as I lie down flat, I cough and cough and cough. I don’t want to bother my neighbours, because no matter how well I think my building is insulated, annoying things like a cough can echo and bother everyone.

Last night I was in bed early, then up coughing, so I watched the tennis. Then I tried bed again and slept for an hour...cough, hack, hack. Up again, I played on the computer but was so tired my eyes were fuzzy. Back to bed with the pillows stacked high and my head and chest elevated, I finally got a few hours of sleep.

Today is my usual day out with my writing buddy, the Dr. Who fan. I called to cancel, but hinted if she wanted to stop by with tea and some cough drops or throat lozenges, it would be greatly appreciated.

Stop by she did, armed with our favourite soup combo from Tim’s, where we usually lunch on Thursdays, and a bag of canned soup and not one, but three varieties of cough/throat lozenges. I appreciated the company, and boy, did that soup hit the spot. I’ve been eating whatever was handy and required no cooking, and was sick of cheese, cold meat, and yogurt.

So, thanks Carol, for being there when I needed some assistance and friendly conversation.

Now I think I’m in need of a nap, but if I start coughing I don’t need to fret, I have another friend close at hand, Fisherman’s Friend, for the relief of sore throats, nasal congestion, and coughs due to colds.

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