Thursday, 11 September 2014

To My Daughter, the Minimalist

Minimal: adj of or being a minimum, constituting the least possible.

Minimalism: n type of design characterized by simplicity of form and arrangement.

According to the above definitions, a minimalist is someone who likes to keep things simple, who does not collect, and heaven forbid...would never hoard.

My daughter is one of those people. She constantly cleans out closets and cupboards, only keeps, not collects, the bare minimum of items, each having some personal meaning or purpose.

It goes without saying she is not a crafts person. I am a crafts person and I have a collection of ribbons, yarn, beads, paint, paper...need I go on.

My daughter has found my finger injury to be quite humorous, and is constantly giving me the raised pinkie, the high-tea-this-is-how-you hold-your-tea-cup gesture.

I threatened on Facebook, when I was posting about my finger mishap, that I was going to start drinking my tea from a cup and saucer, would actually start a collection and save them all...for her.

Here's a start, and in purple, her favourite colour.

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