Monday, 6 June 2016

Where Have All the Gentlemen Gone?

I remember when I was a girl, and found it curious that when walking with my Dad, he kept moving from one side of me to the other. I asked him why he did that, and he informed me that a gentleman always walked on the curb side of the street.

A gentleman always held the door for a lady, took her arm or had his hand at her back, being thoughtful, and protective, I suppose. When a man is attentive like that it makes you feel cared for, and okay, not politically correct maybe, but it also makes you feel feminine.

I feel good that I raised my son right. He may not walk on the curb side so much, but he opens doors, carries loads, offers his arm in assistance. His son does the same, at age 11.

Friday night I went to the high school to watch the parade of grads, as my oldest granddaughter is graduating this year. The tradition in town is for all the grads to arrive for prom in old cars. One by one the old cars, some souped up ones, even a few trucks and floats, arrived and the grads exited and made their way to the school.

Some of their teachers formed a reception line, and shook hands with each student before the grads were introduced and entered the school. There was quite a crowd gathered on both sides of the street, friends and family eager to see their grad dressed in their prom finery.

What I found interesting is that for the majority of the time, the guys walked to the reception line and left their date to follow behind. And half the time they hadn't made any effort to help the girls from the car. What is wrong with these guys? Were they never taught any manners?

One couple arrived sitting in the back of a half ton truck, and it was going to be difficult for her to depart in a long dress and heels. She crouched down and he took hold of her at the waist and lifted her down. The crowd cheered, maybe because all of these parents and grandparents watching recognized the actions of a gentleman.

I think it's sad that all these young woman, dressed in such beautiful long dresses, and the young men in their suits, are missing out on that old fashioned kind of interaction between men and women. You know what I mean, that flirty feeling, finding that feminine mystique, feeling pretty and appreciated. and for the guys, a chance to be that gentleman, to be attentive, to be the strong male.

They looked fantastic, and I'm sure they had a great time at the prom, but for me, I feel they are missing out on something, that could have made their night even more perfect.

Maybe these young adults should watch some old movies, or even a few red carpet events to see how it's supposed to be done. Or at least how it was done, and done well, back in the day.


Bish Denham said...

And you know why a gentleman walks on the curb side? To protect the lady from being splashed by carriage wheels going through puddles. :)

Blogger's brother said...

It probably started because people used to dump their chamber pots out the window and the aristocratic men didn't want to get hit. Later the story was changed so the men didn't look like jerks.