Monday, 20 June 2016

Road Trip

Well, am I insulted, or what?

Yesterday, I was at my daughter's for her son's birthday, the one with the ice cream cake. My granddaughter was scheduled to work, and as that was in the other town, where I live, I said I'd drive her to work on my way home, save everyone else the trip.

But, we would be cutting it close, time wise, which of course, made the young girl fret. She told her Mom that if I was driving, we wouldn't make it on time...I drive slow apparently, and I don't take the highway.

I can hurry if I need to, but the last few times we've been out, we've been on a road trip, no hurry, no rush, no specific destination.

I'm going to have to sit this girl down and explain some of the finer details about driving. Road trip is like the words of that particular place to go. Day trips are a drive out of town with a specific destination, like when my friend and I tour to the north country or east to my favorite store.

Everything else is just...pick-up, drop off, errands or appointments. Driving with a purpose.

Yes, K. we will definitely be having a talk.

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