Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Velma on a Road Trip

I made the tour out to my son's on Sunday, and we dined out at Mankado's, a really terrific food place, especially the loaded fries. Definitely not a heart friendly, low cal meal, but it was Father's Day, so we indulged.

I love my new camera, and take it with me everywhere. My son is great at indulging my creative ideas (hence the boards I scavenged from his garage). He knows I love abandoned buildings and knew of an abandoned house, so we set out on a road trip after dinner.

Velma (my van) drives for these trips, as we need the space for three adults and two kids. For a few minutes there I was afraid for the old girl, especially when my son turned down a road with a warning sign...un-maintained road.

The path was a narrow, dirt road, but very pretty as we meandered through the fields and woods. I was lost, this was more than back roads, and I had no idea where we were. Eventually we came back to pavement, so I figured we had basically driven around the block.

He found another road, this time warning no exit, and it seemed to go quite a distance before we came upon a deserted house and the old mill. There was a second house at the dead end, a beautiful, three storey brick, but whether it was abandoned, we weren't sure as the grass had been cut and it now looked as if someone was doing the maintenance.

The road was rough, and I couldn't imagine how difficult it would be to maintain in the winter. I like isolation, but this was an extreme case. I still like to have the option to leave the house.

I took my pictures, but would love to get back, and this time venture closer. Maybe in the fall when all the green has dies down, and the house can be seen better. I know my son will be up to another road tour, he's just like his father in that regard. So long as the roads are country.


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