Friday, 10 June 2016

New Tables All Around

I bought a new table yesterday, not the sort usually used indoors, but it suits my purpose. I have such a small space, the table I used, not to eat at or anything useful, seemed to work for storage only.

When I do art work I like to stand, and sometimes walk around whatever piece I'm working on. Impossible when working at the kitchen counter or a low table against the wall.

My new table is a counter height cart, I guess you could say. It has two wheels on one end, and legs on the other. I can easily move it away from the wall and walk around it, to work without killing my back.

It came in two boxes, but was delivered today, assembled and ready to use. I'm all set to start a new art project. But first, I have to paint my granddaughter's name on the old table.

It's old, and more of a desk than a table, with a handy small drawer in the front. Perfect for a little girl who loves to draw. I have to give her a signature on the tabletop that is as unique and inspiring as she is.

Finally, a family member interested in art. I can't wait to see where she can take it.

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