Sunday, 12 June 2016

On an Adventure

My fourteen year old granddaughter and I went on a picture taking road trip yesterday. I will admit we had fun, but we're scaredy cats at heart.

I love to take pictures of abandoned buildings, and on a road trip with my son and is family the other night, on our way to lacrosse, he showed me an empty and abandoned school. So that was out destination.

It was sad, to see the school over grown with weeds, the playground empty and neglected. The swing sets were still standing, but the swings removed, The climbing jungle gym rusted and lost in the weeds.

The side of the school closest to the road had the drapes closed, so we couldn't see in, but the other side had some boarded up windows, the drapes gone. We had a peek in, empty spaces, broken glass, silence.

My granddaughter looked in the back door, and we could see down the empty hall. It's just habit, I suppose, but she tried the door...and it was open. There was a sign posted on the inner door jamb, about private property and such, and I so wanted to venture in. My companion thought it was all creepy, and I admit it was eerie feeling. I only stepped in the door, took a picture and we left.

What a gutless pair we were. If I ventured back, I bet the door would be locked. I lost my chance. That's what you get when you play by the rules.

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