Friday, 24 June 2016

Payback, Gotta Love It

In an earlier post, I related the insult I felt when my granddaughter didn't have faith that I could get her to work on time, because I drive slow, or so she thought. The link to the original post is below.

I decided a little bit of payback was in order. I was to pick her up at school today, after her exam. Imagine the scene, so many cars in front of the school. lined up to pick up students, and all sorts of students exiting the school.

My girl got in the car, van actually, (Velma the van who also felt the insult) and we started 15 km an hour. I drove, hunched up over the wheel, and said "This is Granny driving!" I proceeded at this slow pace to the stop sign, where we'd leave school property.

There was a line of cars behind us, also going slow, as they had no other choice. My girl was freaking out, looking at the side view mirror and then twisting to see out the all those cars.

I was laughing. "Granny driving, granny driving."

She tried to explain, to apologize, to take back what she'd said. We made our way along the street, part of the convoy of slow moving vehicles. She was totally embarrassed, and I figured I'd made her suffer enough, almost.

We had lunch, and then I drove her, regular speed to pick up three of her friends, as I was going to drop them off at the park. As we pulled out on the main street, the busy main street, I said "Granny driving".

We made our way at slow speed as my dear granddaughter explained. we were all laughing, and I figured now, she had suffered enough.

Besides, I hate driving that slow, it was hard to maintain.


Susan Kane said...

Granny can impart so much wisdom to our gr-kids, and embarrass them to no end. I love that.

Blogger's brother said...

Well done, Dad would be so proud of you. He was a master of embarrassing his kids and grandkids.