Thursday, 16 June 2016

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Some time ago, I was having lunch with my daughter and her kids, and when it came to the dessert, my grandson's choice was the ice cream sandwich, rather than a sundae.

I had recently been on Pinterest, and seen a recipe for making the cookie part of an ice cream sandwich, and made the mistake of mentioning it.

I found myself promising this 7 year old I would make them for his birthday. Well, his birthday is days away, and I've never checked out the recipe.

He never forgot, has mentioned it often, and the other day brought his tablet over and showed me a YouTube video of a cake made from ice cream sandwiches.

Remind you of an elephant?

No Frills kindly had boxes of ice cream sandwiches on sale, and as my daughter frequently reminds me, do it the simple way, don't make life difficult.

So on Friday, I'm making my famous peanut butter sauce to add between the layers of ice cream bars, then when all is done, we'll 'ice' it with Cool Whip. Taking the easy way out.

I've learned a lesson here. These kids never forget a thing, and I need to take care in what I promise.

Looks good, doesn't it?

And apparently so simple. Happy Birthday Cole.

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