Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Addiction Enablers

Okay, I admit it, I am addicted to yarn. I try to limit my purchases, buying only when I have a specific pattern and project, but, it doesn't always work that way, Last winter, I went a little crazy at the Michael's Buy-One-Get-One-Free sale. A minor relapse.

People are always giving me yarn, as they know I love to crochet. Not too long ago I was given a basket of yarn, a big, big, basket, worthy of being a small coffee table. And the yarn was excellent.

I like working with cotton yarn, and there were numerous brand new skeins in an off white color, plus a couple skeins of varigated yarn, with some balls of coordinating colors.

Then, I found numerous skeins, some sort of rusty brown, the others a soft green, and I mean soft, baby soft. I was wanting to  make a couple of baby gifts, so I got right to work...and got carried away.

I love making these Lovies, a combination stuffed animal and security blanket, I've managed to use up a great deal of my left over yarn as I went along.

I have three more heads made, a grey cat, a white rabbit and a white ?something, waiting for their blankies. And then I think I'm done.

I still have all that cotton yarn, what shall I make, what shall I make?


Susan Kane said...

I do not see any pigs there...and I know, as an expert, that pigs come in pink, white, black and white, rust, black...Would that work?

Deborah Lean said...

A pig, wouldn't that be cute, and I have some pink yarn. Maybe I'm not done yet, but should try for something not a cat or bear. I need some for boys, specifically. Any ideas?