Saturday, 30 April 2016

Zebra Birthday Cakes

I was going to be predictable and do my 'Z' for zucchini, and was in a spring like, playful mood. It's the end of the challenge, let's celebrate, and pretend to have cake, and make it a party.

Nice thing about this calories.

I made cakes like these, not quite as challenging maybe, but that was years ago, when the grandkids were small. I made them cakes in all sorts of shapes and themes.

Again, it's been fun doing the A-Z Blog Challenge, almost wish it happened more than once a year.

Anyway, thanks to all who visited this site, I hope you come back..

Bye for now.


betty said...

Such cute cakes!! Congrats, you made it through the challenge!


Connie Cook said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed your A-Z month challenge and every day looked forward to what was coming next. Glad you opted for Zebra cakes versus the more obvious zucchini. Hope you get lots of takers on your book Hidden Gems. It was a great read!

Saraallie said...

I had zebra insides of cakes too :D Didn't come across your blog until now :) LOVE THE PICTURES!!!
~ Saraallie