Saturday, 9 April 2016

Homemade Cookies

As I've said before, my Mom wasn't much of a baker. I suppose, if she's had more of a sweet tooth, things might have been different.

She didn't mind sitting down in the late afternoon to coffee and a couple if chocolate chip cookies, she just didn't want to bake to do it.

Dad called the store bought cookies she brought home "cardboard cookies". If he complained enough, she'd buy that ready made cookie dough in a tube (the kind you slice) and 'bake' him a batch.

"There," she'd say, with a smirk on her face, "have a cookie."

Is it any wonder I took on the role of baker in the family.

I'm sure my Dad thought he was being subtle...yeah right. He once informed his wife he was putting in an insurance claim for his brown corduroy pants, since they'd been missing for weeks.

She would lovingly tell him to shut up, and the next day would get caught up on the laundry. I learned from her well, cooking and housework get put to side if an art project has my attention. At least I live alone and only have myself to worry about.


betty said...

My sister and mom were the bakers in our family. I never got that gene I think :)


Karen O'Connor said...

I do love to bake, but I'm with you in that arts and crafts projects come first. Fortunately, my youngest is also a baker so we're pretty well stocked most days.

Weekends In Maine

Val said...

My Nana used to send me chocolate chip cookies to my college dorm. All the while I thought they were homemade but they were slice and bake. Funny, my mom loved to cook and bake and it's only now, in my later years that I am trying to embrace the culinary arts. (I'll never embrace the housework arts.)
Val from My Virtual Vineyard

Anonymous said...

The dough in the tube is a good compromise. I don't have the patience for cookies from scratch but I really dislike store bought cookies. They are cardboard! With the premade dough at least you can have warm, gooey cookies.