Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Egg Rolls

I watched the Rachel Ray Show one day, when she made egg rolls, and was surprised how easy it seemed, and had to try some for myself.

Egg roll wrappers are available in the refrigerated produce section of your grocery store.

Rachel used a prepackaged bag of coleslaw mix for the filler, with some fresh bean sprouts added. You can add small amounts of cooked chicken or pork, or mushrooms if you like.  

I don't use a recipe, just start off with some chopped onion, maybe mushrooms and some chicken, add the coleslaw mix which is cabbage with some carrots, and the bean sprouts. It's easier to fill the wrappers if you cut all the salad stuff before you add it to the pan.

I cook it all together, add some soy sauce and that's it. 

You add some of the filler to the center of the wrapper and do an envelope fold. one corner. then from the sides and then the last corner. Wetting the wrapper gives you a seal, which is important when you add it to the hot oil for deep frying. The alternative is to fold long sides over, and do a small fold to seal on each end.

I made these one day with my granddaughters. They did the filling , folding and sealing, and I did the deep frying. (Safety first) I don't have a deep fryer, but use my Dutch Oven, the largest pan in my pots and pan set. The deeper sides lessen the greasy splatter.

The best part of making these is using the last few pieces of wrapper to make a sweet treat. I cut the wrapper into one inch strips and fry them. Once drained and cooled, gently toss them in a bag of powdered sugar, Oh, they are so good, and a nice reward after all your hard work.

These homemade egg rolls have spoiled me for the store bought or restaurant variety. I find some are just cabbage, with no taste whatsoever, or just bean sprouts. I like mine with the mix of both, and that little extra.

And any food made with love, to enjoy and share with family is always the best.


betty said...

Egg rolls are something I want to make sometime; maybe this year. I like your version of them; I do bet they were delicious.


C R Ward said...

You know, I've made my own Chinese food before, but I've never tried to make egg rolls. Maybe some day...

Val said...

These sound delicious and pretty easy to make. I've purchased unfried egg rolls at the supermarket and just put them in the air fryer (always on a diet). Never tried to make my home. So you cook the mixture first before you stuff them? Val from My Virtual Vineyard

Deborah Lean said...

Hi Val. I saute some onions, and whatever, mushrooms, cooked leftover chicken or pork and add the coleslaw mix with some bean sprouts, flavor it with soy sauce, and cook just enough to blend the flavors, not real soft (if you know what I mean). My granddaughter wants to make more after I was telling her about this post.