Monday, 25 April 2016


Slipping away from the food theme today. I was stuck for the 'U' anyway, but life interfered and gave me the perfect subject. Unprepared.

If you see I have another blog, you'd know the subject of that blog is my struggle with Multiple Sclerosis and the pain of arthritis. I've had too busy a week, with the MS Walk yesterday (I don't walk, but the family does), so can't think about food and the letter 'U' today.

After a day of rest today, I'll be back on track tomorrow. Already trying to think of "V" foods, other than the obvious vegetable.


betty said...

That's neat your family participates in the walk. I think we all can be unprepared for a letter or two in the A/Z challenge. We are so close to being done!


Blogger's brother said...

Unlimited warm bread (with whipped garlic butter) at The Olive Garden.

Deborah Lean said...

One thing I miss about living in TO is Olive Garden. I loved their unlimited bread and salad. I would order a meal, eat so much the bread and salad I would have to take most of my entree home in a take out container. You don't see many Olive Garden restaurants out this way. Wonder if there's one in the Whitby area? Though that cheese bread at Wild Wings is awfully good.

Blogger's brother said...

Wild Wings... Garlic cheese bread and Gar Par onion rings, you've pretty much said it all. It must be time for us to meet soon!