Thursday, 7 April 2016

French Fries

Is there anything that says spring more than the opening of the roadside French fry trucks? I consider this an annual event, worthy of celebration.

In this regard, I consider French fries like chocolate. If it’s a seldom indulged treat, don’t go for anything but the best.

Fast food French fries are not very appealing, machine cut, frozen, and though deep fried, they are often kept warm under a heat lamp until served.

The best French fries (and who can think in terms of just one) are hand cut, deep fried and served immediately in a brown paper bag.

When my kids were small, they liked catsup on their fries, but they never got enough with the squirt down the side of the bag. I kept plastic plates and forks in the car for just this occasion. Plus, it was neater than trying to use that little wooden fork thing at the bottom of the bag.

For years, our favorite spot was out on the county road. They were only open on the weekend, and were strategically placed to serve the cottage crowd coming and going.

My son found a place near his home, another country spot near the lake, and they serve fries covered in sour cream, green onions, cheese and bacon. A veritable feast.

Now that it’s April, I have a yen for French fries, and will keep my eye out for a new favorite spot. Sounds like I should gather some of the grandkids and make it scientific, make the rounds to do a taste testing.

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betty said...

Wow, I think that's neat with roadside food trucks like this with french fries! I haven't seen anything like that (yet) where we live. It could be a very expensive habit in more ways than one (calories and cost)