Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Velma at the Spa

For those of you who are regular readers, you  know Velma is the name I gave my car. I hoped after a particularly bad winter of her discontent, it might help us to get on better.

She went to Uncle Brad's spa last Wednesday. As I had driven the longer distance Tuesday to meet my brother for lunch, I assume she was protesting the miles, by flashing me some yellow dash lights on the trip home.

I didn't know what the lights meant, and figured I'd check when I got home. I worried if I shut her down so I could read the manual, she might not have started again. Better to be stranded at home than in another town.

Anyway, some minor repairs, and an oil change later, we're back together. Brad is an in-law relative, and I find, with an older car, that it is so much better to have a mechanic you know and trust, and I get the family rate. He laughs when I tell him I call a trip to his garage a spa visit for Velma.

My inactivity has not been good for the old girl. Sitting for long periods, with only short trips out, has given her a rust problem. It doesn't help that we're so close to the lake for the added moisture.

Brad's advice, drive the hell out of her. I can see her days are numbered. But it's good advice, for us both. Maybe this will be my summer to get out and about, make some of those day trips I've wanted to do, make use of my new camera.

Now, if only spring would come for real. Snow? Really?


betty said...

She basically seems like a reliable car :) Glad to have a mechanic in the family so to speak; a good one is worth their weight in gold I do believe! My almost 17 year old van doesn't get much driving on it since I work at home and we use hubby's car for weekend stuff. It has been known to lose its battery charge and has to be recharged a lot before we drive it. Going to hold on to it though for as long as we can!


Ravyne said...

This was a delightful read! Reminds me of my old car that I named Dazzlyn and her trips to for a lube ha! ~Lori~