Friday, 29 April 2016


When my son and his wife get together with her family for the holidays, it’s a mixed bag sort of thing with exes and in-laws, and friends considered to be family. I’m fortunate to be invited to the party.

The meal is planned, sort of pot luck style, with people assigned or volunteering to bring something. They make it easy for me, assign me ham which I slice and do in the slow cooker with a brown sugar mustard sauce.

One of the women usually brought sweet potatoes, covered with a brown sugar, marshmallow, and pecan topping. I’d never had this dish before, never tasted sweet potatoes, and found it delicious.

Christmas and Thanksgiving were the only times we had this kind of gathering, and I looked forward to the usual feast of turkey, stuffing, and of course, the yams.

Last year there were no yams on the buffet table. I wasn’t the only one who noticed, or to be disappointed.

The cook seemed surprised that so many people looked forward to her signature dish. It made me think that with all the activity and noise, she’d missed the many compliments and never realized how much her contribution to the meal was appreciated.

She knows now.


betty said...

It does sound good especially with the pecans as part of the topping. Hope her signature dish makes it back on the buffet this year!


C R Ward said...

LOL I'm the one that brings the yams to family dinners because no one else thinks to make them. I've never tried them with marshmallows on them though.