Monday, 2 May 2016

A Different A-Z Challenge

Still in an A-Z frame of mind, here's a short story, where every sentence starts with a letter of the alphabet.

The topic is timely, hockey, I mean. It's playoffs and the teams mentioned in the story dragged at the bottom of the standings and have gone on vacation early.

The Hockey Game
A fight was about to erupt, apparent in the raised voices of the two men sitting at the bar. Blue collar workers, enjoying a beer after work, and watching the hockey game on the TV over the bar.
Close ups of the action, in slow motion replay, showed the smooth glide of the puck across the line and into the net. Davis's glove was a split second too late to stop it and prevent the goal. Even, the score was now even, tied two all.
For the two men at the bar the trash talk was becoming more boisterous.
“Goalie was blind to have missed that shot,” said the Leafs fan of the Sabres’ goalie.
“How was he supposed to see it with all those guys crowding him in the crease?” returned the Sabres’ fan.
“In the crease? In a pig's eye.”
“Jackass, you don't know nothing.”
“Keep it up, just keep it up and you'll be lapping your beer off the floor.”
“Let's keep it down guys,” the bartender warned.
Mindful of the warning the men turned back to watching the game. Nine minutes to go and the score was still tied.
“Ouch,” the Leaf fan said. “That had to hurt.”
“Penalty! What do mean penalty?” the Sabres fan yelled.
“Quiet down,” the bartender warned again.
“Referee's got blinders on.” yelled the fan as his team took the penalty.
“Score's tied, a man advantage, yes, yes ,yes,” the Leaf fan gloated.
“Three minutes left in regulation time,” the announcer said as the action got tense. Up the ice the three Leaf forwards flew, striving for that winning goal. Vinchesky took a shot from the corner and the crowd was on its feet.
“Where did it go, did it go in?”
“X marks the spot,” the Leaf fan said triumphantly as he celebrated the win.
“You lucky bastard, that cheap penalty won you that game.”
Zero time on the clock, and the final horn blew that the game was over. The two fans ordered another beer, all tension from the game forgotten.

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