Friday, 13 May 2016

Velma's Taxi Service

As most of you know, Velma is my car, named a few years ago in the hopes that she would feel better about herself, and me, and not leave me stranded on the side of the road. We've been getting along much better, especially now that spring has arrived and I take her out more frequently.

Yesterday we were put into service as a taxi, and enjoyed every bit of it, though the start was slow, mornings are not our best time.

We drove the ten K to the next town to pickup my granddaughter. She wasn't doing mornings either. The colds going around had hit her household and she was suffering, missed her first class and wanted to get to school for the rest.

The problem is that she is bused to the high school, as are most of the kids who live in small towns and rural areas, the school being in the largest town in the county. We had some time to visit, as we hit the Tim's drive thru for coffee, well, tea for me, iced coffee with a shot of vanilla for her, before hitting the highway.

She made it in time for her next class, with five minutes to spare. But then I had an hour to kill before driving out of town, north, to pick up my son. His truck was at the spa (Uncle Brad's garage) and was waiting for him to pick it up.

I killed time the way I love best. I found a place to park, rolled down the windows and enjoyed my tea and read my book. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and there was a nice breeze blowing in the window.

I left in time to get my son, and the timing was perfect. He'd worked until three A.M. and was to be back at work that afternoon at three P.M. He'd only been up a few minutes, and was making his lunch for work.

We had time before he was to be to work, and ran a couple of errands on the way to the garage, taking all the back roads, enjoying the day.

It was a good day, with little effort on my part other than driving, and the bonus was one to one time with family.

The rates can't be beat, all it costs is love.

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