Sunday, 15 May 2016 Inherited Trait

I think sarcasm is an inherited trait, something passed down through the generations. Sometimes it is spoken, and some times you see it reflected in a look.

I remember an old photo of my parents, Mom sitting in a chair, Dad a few feet away, golf club in hand, giving her a "lesson".As I think back, there were times Mom's game was better than his, and from the disgruntled look on her face, captured forever on film, she was holding back from making any sarcastic comment. A wise woman, my Mom.

My daughter has fully inherited this trait, along with a wicked sense of humor. Her daughters are a chip off the old block. Genetics hold true in this case.

Her eleven year old daughter had been in a foul mood, and, I guess, had tested the patience of all who love her. The next morning, when she came into the kitchen, her mother looked at her, trying to gauge her mood.

"Are you still in a bad mood this morning?" the mother asked.

"No, I left it in my bed," the child replied. "But I can go and get it if you want."

What a smart kid, okay, smart mouthed may be more what it was at that moment, but I love that kind of quick wit. Is it any wonder I love my family?

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