Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Gruncled Again

My brother calls himself a 'Gruncle', which is an affectionate term, not to be confused with a more derogative term for his disposition.

It's a combo word, great and uncle. A term his nephew's daughter calls him, short for Great Uncle. And that term has double meaning, great, as in...great, and great as in one generation removed, or whatever.

Now he's a Gruncle for the second time, as a new baby has joined the family, a boy this time. Congrats to the parents, and to a too cute little girl who is now a big sister.

Big sister, now that brings back many memories. I remember my 'little' brother, as a toddler with a head full of dark curly hair. That hair is now a blend of silver to be envied, and still curly. Why is it the boys always get the better hair?

Oops, not for my kids. I think my daughter is quite happy with what she has to deal with, considering the alternative. My son blames me for his...lack of hair. Though I like the shaved head, I would be hard pressed to remember him with a full head of hair.

Apparently, the tendency to male baldness is a direct genetic link to the maternal father. My father was gray and bald by the time he was thirty. An unfortunate trait passed down from my father to my son. Sorry Kid.

Now my maternal grandfather had a full head of hair well into his nineties. So I guess my brother will keep his silver tresses for some years to come.

All the best to the happy family.

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Blogger's brother said...

This is NOT to be confused by the fact I am also GRUNTLED, as in NOT disgruntled.