Sunday, 22 May 2016

Nail Fashion

I was in the store the other day and the woman at the cash had the longest nails, polished to a bright coral color. It reminded me of the one time I had long nails.

As a craft person, my hands are constantly covered in paint and glue, and subsequently have to be in and out of water. This is not a good scenario if you want long and healthy nails. But one time I really wanted to have pretty nails.

My husband bought me a gift certificate to have acrylic nails applied. This was a few years (okay, many moons) ago and I'm not sure if it's done the same today. Then they had to rough up your nails, glue on the fake, and then do the manicure to give them shape.

As the nail grew, there would be a space between the cuticle and the fake nail. I would go back and have this space filled, and have a manicure. I think the idea was to do the filler a couple of times before you took off the first acrylic nail, and applied new.

I loved how my hands looked with my new nails. I'd hold my hand flat on the desk when writing a check, or signing my name, just to show them off. But they did present with some complications.

Like I couldn't scratch my eye without worrying about scratching my cornea, couldn't do my crafts with ease, and I couldn't get hold of that little thingie on the zipper to do up my pants.

After a couple of fillers, I lost a couple of nails and pulled the rest off, I'd had enough. The nail left behind, my real nail, was not particularly healthy looking, and I was glad when they finally returned to normal.

Every once in a while, my nails will get long and I'll file them, and give them a coat of polish. They'll lokk nice for about a week before they start breaking and I take the polish off and cut them down. That seems to satisfy my desire for pretty hands.

The younger generation are really into this nail stuff, and one color doesn't seem to suffice. They want their nails painted to a theme, complete with designs and little works of art.

I should get into painting nails, but that surface is awfully small...but it might e fun.

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