Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Includes a Toy

There's a reason McDonald's calls their kid's combo a Happy Meal. because it comes with the best toys. Over the years I've seen the grandchildren collect these toys, from My Little Pony to Matchbook Cars.

It seems my grandchildren have reached an age where the Happy Meal no longer suffices, and they have moved on to the adult size meals. And the toys no longer appeal to them. (Not electronic).

Sometimes, when I have been out and don't want to cook when I get home, I'll pick up something in the drive thru. I guess my usual choice is McDonald's because I don't want a big meal, and the Happy Meal works for me.

I now have a collection of toys in my car, that I can't seem to give away, there wee no takers among the grandkids. So I have a purple My Little Pony, a Peanuts character on a skateboard, and a couple of fuzzy stuffed Happy Faces.

Another sign that time passes and we're all getting older. Some of us are wiser, and some of us still like to see what the toy is in the bottom of the box.

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betty said...

I remember being excited about what would be in the Cracker Jack box even as an adult. I agree, the happy meal size is just about the right size of a meal sometimes for me too.