Thursday, 26 May 2016


I was running, through a maze of a house, could heat the noises behind me and knew he wasn't far behind. I could almost feel his hot breath against my neck, knew if he caught me...I was done.

Keep going, keep going. I could hear the mantra going through my head, when, with heart pounding , I made a desperate grasp for the door.

And woke up.

Wow, I thought as I looked at the clock. Two A.M., I'd only been asleep for a couple of hours. The dream had a lot more action but, as usual, the details fade when I awaken. Too bad, it might have been the basis for a good story.

The dream was most likely inspired by the story I'd been reading before I settled to sleep. There was a chase in that story too, but the demon there was fire.

I had been reading Chasing Fire by Nora Roberts, a mystery story that takes place in Montana. The location is a camp where firefighters stay during wildfire season and are air lifted out to parachute into the fire zone. Scary business.

I have a friend who lived in Fort McMurray and was evacuated, and  have watched the news about the fires with great interest. And by reading their comments on Facebook, I've seen the more personal side of those affected. So much loss, and yet such overwhelming support, from friends, from the other members of their community, the province and the Canadian public.

I'm glad you and the family are safe, Sara. Keep your spirit strong.

And for those who want to better understand what the firefighters are going through, read this book. It puts you behind the lines, into the heart of the dragon. These guys deserve our respect for their dedication, and our thanks for their unfailing commitment. These men and women are true heroes.

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