Monday, 16 May 2016

A Word Search Discussion

I was spending time with my seven year old grandson last week, and as he is such a sports fan, and a hockey fanatic, I printed off a word search for him, along with some hockey pages to color.

I mentioned that I also liked to do word search puzzles, and had a couple of books in the drawer by my bed.

"How do you do a word search?" he asked.

Oh, nice, a discussion about puzzles. I told him the first thing I did was to search the puzzle, to see if any words were apparent. Then I look for 'W' words, because that letter is easy to spot among the rest. I went on to say that next I look for double letters, especially 'O', as it stands out too.

I realized he was staring at me, with a seven year old's WTF? expression. He shook his head, in puzzlement.

"I just look for the first letter of the word," he tells me.

"Yeah, that works, too," I laughed.

End of discussion.

1 comment:

betty said...

I like your method of doing them and you also gave me an idea of an activity for my 10 year old step granddaughter.