Tuesday, 23 April 2013

T is for Timbits

We are a family addicted to coffee, and in particular, Tim Horton’s coffee.

Whenever I would visit either of my children I'd bring along a tray of coffee for the adults; and a snack pack of Timbits for the kids.

One day I arrived at my daughter’s for dinner, pleased to see my three year old grandson race across the yard to greet me. He stopped dead in his tracks when he noticed my hands held only coffee, no red box of treats.

He held his hands out in question, a look of shocked surprise on his face. “No Timbits?” he asked. I was disappointed to realize I was so predictable, and that I took second place to a doughnut.

My visits aren’t associated with doughnut holes anymore, but with the home baked goodies I regularly make for the family.

I’m constantly trying new recipes and found one on the ‘What’s Cooking?’ e-mail I get from All Recipes. It’s called a donut muffin, and they claim it tastes like the cinnamon doughnut holes you get from the donut shop…and they’re right.

I made a batch, simple and quick, and sent it home with my daughter. Her son looked at them, tasted one, and simply stated, ‘they’re Timbits’.

Thank you ‘What’s Cooking?’ The donut muffin has replaced cinnamon buns as a family favourite, and my grandson is suitably impressed I can make a Timbit.

You’ll have to try them for yourself.

The recipe can be found at www.allrecipes.com. A search for donut muffins will give you 3 different recipes. The 41/2 star recipe, that looks like my photo, is the one you want.


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