Monday, 22 April 2013

S...Studio Space, a Work or Sewing Room

I am a dedicated artist, craftsman, and writer.

Over time I have amassed a collection of materials to support me in my creative endeavours. In my small space I have a drafting table, a sewing table, and a computer desk. Oh, and an ironing board, two filing cabinets and a multitude of multi drawer storage units.

I have fabric, and yarn and a plethora of paper.

I have painted canvases, blank canvases, frames and framed art. And to paint with I have acrylics, craft paints, pastels, watercolours and coloured pencils.

When it comes to arts and craft supplies, I am a hoarder. I know as soon as I get rid of something, it will be just what I need for my next project.

I have ‘How To’ books and magazines on painting, collage, paper crafts, making paper and scrapbooking. That’s just the first bookcase. I also have books on knitting, crochet, quilting, sewing, and decorating.

Do you love Christmas? I love Christmas, and have many books on decorating the home, making decorations for the tree, making wreaths, anything and everything for the holiday season.

What else? Dolls. I love dolls and have made hand crafted dolls, stuffed animals and doll clothes. I have books, of course I do.

There are four Billy bookcases from Ikea in my living room, and they are full, craft books on the bottom, novels on the top, with my angel collection thrown in here and there.

Whew. If you think it’s busy around here you’d be right. I’m in the midst of making quilted gifts for Christmas, have three sweaters at various stages of completion, and am finishing the first edit on my NaNoWriMo book.

Oh yeah, and now I’m blogging.

They say variety is the spice of life, and creatively there’s not much I haven’t tried, or want to try.

But I yearn for a large, airy, organized space in which to work. It would have a large work table and storage galore, with cupboards to hide, in an organized way, all my stuff.

In a perfect world, my studio would be on the lake, with a large covered veranda overlooking the water.

In summer, I’d work with the garden doors open, the warm air gently blowing. When I need a break I’d take my coffee out on the veranda, sit in an old wooden rocking chair and enjoy the view. In winter, I'd have pulled that old rocker inside and I'd sit by the fire, all cosy and warm.

Space is a luxury, but it’s not a necessity to the creative spirit.

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