Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Cinnamon Buns

Of all the ‘C’ things I could have chosen for today’s favourite thing, I chose cinnamon buns. Think of all the other possibilities.

Like camping? Not me I’m afraid. I can’t seem to think of anything with a ‘C’ except for food; chocolate, coffee, candy, and cookies. Okay, okay, how about checkers, chess, cards? Possibilities maybe, but not this time. And let’s be honest, chess? Who do I think I’m kidding.

I chose cinnamon buns because they are something I like to make, and eat, and because it sparked a memory of my dad.

When I was young my dad used to make up silly little poems, most of which are lost as they were never written down. I remember one, and it seemed appropriate for today.

Little raisin in the sun,
Picked and put in a cinnamon bun.
Such a shame it happened so soon,
Could have grown up to be a prune.

C   Cinnamon Buns

Years ago, I discovered a recipe for non yeast cinnamon buns. With about 15 minutes of prep time, and 15 minutes to bake, they’re quick and easy.

If I was craving a taste of cinnamon, I’d whip up a batch of these buns and, as I think they taste best hot out of the oven, I would share. I’d knock on my neighbours’ doors, surprising them with a treat, and give most of them away.

I take for granted how nice it is to smell the aroma of cookies baking, to taste a bun warm from the oven. Not everyone has the luxury of time to bake.

I used to make cinnamon buns fairly often, but in the last year it seems to be cookies more than buns. It’s a compliment to the cook when my daughter admits she tried to make the buns herself, but they didn’t taste the same.

My eleven year old granddaughter casually made the comment that it had been a long time since she’d had cinnamon buns, and I think some of that was nostalgic, missing the times when we’d make them together.

Squeaky wheel, she got a dozen cinnamon buns the next week.

Baking for me is a labour of love. It’s more than making something sweet to eat, it’s making memories. Each of my grandchildren has a cookbook I’ve made for them of family recipes, complete with comments and anecdotal notes.

When I’m gone, I hope they’ll use the recipes and recreate some of these special times with their own children. And I hope they remember me, and know how very much they were loved.


Fairview said...

Loved reading your post.

Blogger's Brother said...

Okay, so the next time we have lunch and you send me off home with some treats... I'll take cinnamon buns please!

marwil said...

I absolutely love this post! We always have home baked cinnamon buns in the freezer, and I have written about why a while ago. It's a childhood memory and I can remember having them fresh from the oven at my grandmother's house. It will definitely be something your grandchild will remember. How lovely :)
Oh, and have fun with the rest of the challenge!

Deborah Lean said...

After writing this post I just had to make a batch of cinnamon buns.

Some of my neighbours were doing a decorating project in the lobby and I surprised them with buns, hot out of the oven.

OK, little brother, buns for you next time we meet for lunch.

Blogger's Brother said...

Yay for little brother!