Thursday, 4 April 2013

A Dimly Lit Room

When I decided on my theme for the a-z challenge I prepared a quick list of things to match the letters of the alphabet. It was a sort of mind experiment, go with the first thought that entered my head.

As I was thinking, and watching the birdfeeder out my window, birdfeeder became my 'b'. My apologies to my brother, who in proper brotherly fashion, reminded who my 'b' should have been.

I could have written about him, and have any number of embarrassing stories I could relate. So, how many letter of the alphabet do I have left? 

Not sure why Christmas came to mind for this one. At first it was going to be a room dimly lit by candles, but that sounded too romantic. In the writing I had a flash back to the holidays and how I felt during that busy season.

Maybe it was that cold snap and the April flurries we had the other day. Maybe it was the Christmas Crafts newsletter I received, reminding me there are 265 days until Christmas. Who knows, but Christmas it is.

D   A Dimly Lit Room

Is there any holiday more celebrated than Christmas?

It’s a season of anticipation and constant activity. There’s the frantic shopping for the perfect gift, the entertaining, and all those places to go and people to see.

Decorating our homes marks the beginning of the holiday season, and for many this starts with the decorating of the tree. In the daytime the tree is pretty, but after dark with the lights on, it’s pure magic.

The lights sparkle like some fairy wonderland, reflecting off the ornaments all bright and shiny, and collected over time.

When night comes I like to turn off all the lights, except for those on the Christmas tree. I sit back in my favourite chair, the music playing quietly in the background and take a moment to relax.

The room, dimly lit by the lights of the tree, is warm and cozy. I don’t see the dust, or that I need to vacuum, I don’t think of anything but this moment of peace and tranquility.

Tomorrow, I’ll once again face the demands of the season. When I look at my list of the gifts I have yet to buy and see the calendar of social events I must find the time for, I’ll be back in the mad rush of the season.

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