Friday, 12 April 2013

Have You Got Your Key?

Everyone likes to make a personal statement; some people are just braver than others.

You’ve seen the brave ones, the shaved heads with the dyed pink Mohawks, the piercings, the tattoos. Those are very personal examples of self expression, and at least for the tattoos, very permanent.

Clothing is another way to show who you are. Whether ultra chic, shabby chic, or dark and dreary Goth, it’s all about the ‘you’ you want to show the world. Not everyone has the nerve to go against the norm, to wear their personality in a way that draws attention, and possibly criticism and censure.

I’ve noticed a quiet, and almost hidden way people make a personal statement…their key chains.

K   Key Chains

I love key chains and are drawn to their displays in stores. Whether it has my initial, my sign of the Zodiac, or is simply something attractive and artistic, I’m tempted.

On my key ring, along with keys for my place and my car, I have a key chain with a pewter angel. I received this key chain from my son, over fifteen years ago, at Christmas. It was very appropriate as I collected angels at the time, and used images of angel statues in my art.
It was a gift, and the reason I don’t buy any of the key chains I see in the stores.

I just realized, I now have a laptop case, and there’s my purse, and the bag I carry to the library, maybe I could add a key chain to the strap, just for fun, to make those bags a bit more personal. Next time…I’ll give in to temptation.

When I decided on using ‘key chain’ as my favourite thing for ‘k’ I started my own little survey, observing what kind of key chains other people used.

My neighbour down the hall has a souvenir of Arizona on her key ring. She had a winter home there for many years. Her bit of Arizona represents the many fond memories she has of her home, and the friends she left behind.

My brother, who also vacationed in the South West, has a key chain with the map of Arizona, and a silver heart off a bottle of whiskey. Also something he called an Esso speed pass fob, which I assume is used for getting gas. His wife has the same Esso thingy, the same silver heart, and some code thing that allows her to link with her work from home.

My friend, who is a cat fancier, has any number of additions to her key chain, all feline in nature. They includes a black cat who eyes light up and makes a howling noise, an “I love my Cat”, a milk bottle and a Pet Smart perks card.

My daughter has a Minnie Mouse character on her key ring, a gift from a co-worker who went to Disney World.

I need to break out of this rut I’ve been in, be brave, show the world who I am.

In a very quiet and unimposing way, of course. Baby steps, I wouldn’t want to go wild and free too fast, could be stressful to the system.

What does your key ring say about you?

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