Tuesday, 16 April 2013

N New Notebooks

I absolutely love paper. Any kind of paper.
Binder paper, art paper and scrapbooking
sheets, I love it all.
Journals made from hand made paper

I’ve even wanted to try making my own paper, and
have numerous books on the subject to inspire me.

My interest is two fold. As an artist, I use all kinds of
paper in my mixed media collage, and as a writer, I’m
constantly writing notes for story ideas.

But, there’s nothing I find more appealing than a brand
new notebook.

But, there are notebooks, and there are notebooks. Spiral notebooks, simple bound books,
and then there are the beautiful notebooks, journals I suppose, with lovely covers like
works of art.

There’s just something about opening a notebook, to that first blank page, and relishing
the possibilities. I have a collection of such notebooks. I’m afraid to put pen to paper
and not be worthy.

I know it must seem ridiculous, keeping empty notebooks on my bookcase shelf with
my other books, but they’re just too pretty to stash away in some drawer.

But my collection was getting unruly. Too many people were giving me notebooks
as gifts, and I was having a hard time not adding to my supply when I found one with
an intriguing cover.

The problem is, you want to keep these notebooks you’ve been coveting. So you have
a choice; leave it empty, or fill it completely with something worth keeping.

Too many times I’ve started to use one of my notebooks, and not kept up with what I
started. Once you rip out pages, it’s just not the same.

So, I had to think, what could I use these
notebooks for?

Words, I thought. All those bits of song lyrics, quotes, poems and just interesting words. I’d have my own book of inspiration.

One down, three to go.

Is there anything better than a brand new notebook?


Tara Tyler said...

looove paper and notebooks! so glad i was around to use them...what with the paperless era looming!

and your listening post was wonderful too!

great thoughtful a to z posts =)

Deborah Lean said...

Thanks Tara, some of us will never go paperless.

I still like to go sit by the lake and write long hand.