Sunday, 13 March 2016

My Old Blue Coat

The jacket that I've worn for the last, too many, years, is really showing its age and wear. It is supposed to be a light blue, but it looks more grey than blue. The cuffs have that beaten in dirt that no amount of pre-cleaning and scrubbing will ever erase.

I hang the coat on a hook on the door, easy access and all, and as it's just me, it works. But having the jacket hanging in the open, I see the dirt and stains I miss when I'm wearing it. Like when did I sit or lean against something black and greasy?

I like the deep pockets and the fact that there's an inside pocket where I can carry money, or my bank card when I don't want to carry a purse.

I've been going to buy a new coat for about five years. I think that's about when the zipper broke. As I never venture out often, or for long, I've been okay with that, and make sure I wear a sweater or sweatshirt underneath.

But this year I am determined to replace this jacket. I think it's time to retire the light blue.

I haven't been totally disreputable going out, I do own a beautiful chocolate brown coat that hits mid dress coat, so to speak. The long length looks good but is so heavy to wear for things like shopping, so I keep it for special occasions.

The weather is mild, the skies clear, I have no excuse to not go shopping, and isn't it timely, the end of season sales should be starting. I hope to begin next winter off in style, and will give my old blue coat a proper sendoff.

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betty said...

I'm always a bit sad when I have to "retire" something that I enjoyed wearing or was comfortable with. On the other hand, always good to update and get maybe something more in style. Have fun shoppiing.