Tuesday, 1 March 2016

A Change in the Weather

Yesterday the weather showed its winter face, freezing temperatures, wind chill in the double digits, and a combination of rain and snow. The wind was shaking the windows and I feared we might lose our power, but thankfully that never happened.

I woke with a headache that lingered for most of the day. Lily, my faithful dog companion, also seemed to feel the change. When the wind struck against the windows, she went on alert, staring at window, the door, so restless. She paced about, seemingly unable to settle.

My neighbor-of-the-shared-wall was making a lot of noise, banging and crashing. This seemed to upset Lily even more. She went to the door and stared back at me. I figured this was her way of telling me she had to visit the outdoor facilities.

I let her out and shivered in the doorway, waiting for her to do her business.

But, she never ventured to the grassy area that is her usual relief station. This time she walked the outside of my unit, crossed the path to the neighbors’ doors and stood for a moment looking out over the court.

All was quiet, all was safe. She returned to the house and settled in. Nice to think she’s alert to any supposed danger. That seemed deserving of a treat.

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