Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Beep, Beep, Beep

I remember watching an old episode of NCIS. It was Halloween and someone was playing tricks on the agents.

Dr. Mallard repeatedly heard a beeping sound in his morgue, and it was driving him crazy that he couldn't find the source of the noise.

I felt a little like that the other day. I was on my computer, and kept hearing a strange beep. I thought it was the TV. I had the hockey game on and figured it was something on their broadcast.

I had just e-mailed my brother and was tempted to call him instead, to see if the noise I heard was on his TV too, as I knew he'd have the game on.

But that would be foolish, so I ran a test first, and muted my television. Silence, nothing but silence. Oops, not so silent...a beeping sound.

The smoke and CO detectors were okay, so was the phone by my bed. And then I found it, the phone by my chair was slightly off kilter, or off the hook as we old folks would say.

So, I checked the phone...and there was a message from my brother. He was calling for the same reason as I had e-mailed him, to confirm our lunch date. I called him back and we laughed at my search for the annoying beeping sound,

We meet, trying for once a month, allowing for the weather, at a half way point between our two homes.

He has the worst of the drive, from west of Toronto to the east side. He has rush hour traffic up to as many as 8 lanes of traffic. I travel the same highway, but out my way the highway has just increased to 3 lanes.

I get a nice lunch out, a visit with family, and while in the city, a chance to shop at Michael's Craft store...a win/win.


betty said...

Cute; glad you figured it out! I would hear a beeping noise at night where we used to live. It wasn't continuous but like three beeps at odd times during the night and not every night would I be awakened by them. Could never figure it out. Hubby heard it one time. I think it had to do with his phone being updated from things at his work because once we moved and he got off their system, never heard the beeps again.


Deborah Lean said...

I feel the same about noises in my car, always glad when I realize it's the music, not the motor. LOL