Saturday, 5 March 2016

Goodbye Lily

It's a funny thing, but I think Lily was feeling homesick on Thursday. She was a bit more restless than usual, often signalling she wanted to go out and then did nothing but look at the court, as if waiting.

Yesterday, I would catch her sitting in front of the love seat, and I thought she wanted permission to get up on the furniture, but that was a No No.

I finally realized she was watching out the window, as she's big enough to see over the back of the love seat. Homesick it was, as if she could sense the family would be home soon.

My daughter sent me a message when they landed Friday afternoon, and they had to fight rush hour traffic across the city to get home. Worse than the flight, I'm sure.

The plan was that they would retrieve Lily today, giving them the evening to relax. But that wasn't what happened. They needed some food, as the cupboards were bare, and my granddaughter missed the dog so much she couldn't wait.

I watched for the car, and walked out with Lily when I saw them approach. She heard her name called and it was a frenzy of tail wagging and wiggling. What a homecoming, Lily couldn't get enough of her young friend, and vice versa.

We gathered her belongings and stowed them in the car. Lily got in the back, and I'm not sure we could not of gotten her out again. She was basking in the love of family.

Off they went, and I will admit to feeling a bit forgotten, ignored. After all the love and attention I'd given that dog all week, not to forget treats, I was second place to an eleven year old.

And when you think of it, that is how it should be, That dog has known that little girl all of her life, and that child has known that dog for all she can remember of her own. They are a constant in each other's lives, a constant source of love.

I've had many pets in my life, but never one that was constant throughout my childhood. And only one cat that I had for a good number of years as an adult.

I guess that is one reason I love that commercial for dog food that shows a young boy growing up, the dog aging by his side. I stop whatever I'm doing every time I see it.

There's just something special about the bond between a human and a dog.

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betty said...

So true that there is nothing so special as that bond. Lily was probably glued to your grand daughter all night long :)