Thursday, 3 March 2016


We're on count down, only two more sleeps before the family comes to pick up Lily and return her home.

For a dog that is not trained, she's been very obedient. She never leaves this area in front of my place, well, almost never. When my son and his family arrived the other night, she ran to greet them.

Checking out the neighborhood. Knows her boundaries.
All my fears about letting her out, afraid she'd take off, curiosity such as it is, were unfounded. And with the cold, cold weather, she does her business outside and runs back in the door as quick as can be.

I bought her small biscuits and some treats that look and smell like bacon, a very nuclear bacon, the smell is getting to me. When I sit down for my dinner, I give Lil a bacon strip.

This has been a fun week. Winter has made it easier, not sure how it would be in the warmer weather.

One last photo.

A sniff of fresh air.

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betty said...

I bet she'll be glad to see her family, but will miss her time with you :)