Monday, 14 March 2016

Glue on my Elbow

I was working on a little craft project today, something left over from my Christmas homemade gift list.

It was going pretty good, but suddenly I needed two hands, and not wanting to put down a paint brush loaded with glue, I put it in my mouth. All was well until I leaned in, turned my head and brushed all that glue along the sleeve of my shirt.

This is why I normally wear old, short sleeved T-shirts for art and craft projects. That way if I get anything on it, it's no loss, and sometimes you need to quickly wipe paint of glue off a finger.

Like my old blue coat, my painting T's are in pretty bad shape. I need to get some new ones and rededicate others to craft binge wearing.

I think I got all the glue off, hope so, as this is a favorite.


betty said...

Sounds like a fun project you were working on :) Ingenious way to hold the brush I think!


Susan Kane said...

It wasn't Gorilla glue, was it?

Deborah Lean said...

I was making a framed picture for my granddaughter...her initial done in buttons and beads. I like weldbond glue, works good, and I must have washed it out in time, that shirt came out of the laundry without stains. I need a craft apron, I think.