Monday, 31 August 2015

Phases of the Moon Art Project

Well, I finally finished it, twelve art pieces that depict the Native Phases of the Moon.

My place has been a mess for the last two weeks, bits of paper, make that lots of paper, paint and glue.

I had ideas for all twelve and had some started, some in progress and some sitting, drying before the next layer.

I'm my worst critic, so some I like, some I feel so-so about and may redo, but considering this is a project I started like ten years ago and set aside, I'm happy. Nothing like a completed project to make one feel a sense of accomplishment.

I was able to use some bits from the original project, and went through a lot of the paper from my stash, which is always a plus. If I'm going to sort out and clean up all this hoarded art stuff, it might as well be with art work.

I'm sharing the completed series, and apologize in advance for the bounce back of the flash. My camera is not the fanciest.

Wolf Moon..January

Snow Moon..February
Magpie Moon..March

Pink Moon..April
Flower Moon...May

Strawberry Moon..June

Thunder Moon..July

Red Moon...August

Harvest Moon..September

Hunter's Moon..October

Beaver Moon..November
Cold Moon...December

1 comment:

Connie said...

My favourites are the wolf moon, thunder moon and hunters moon. Not sure why, but they just struck a chord. Well done.