Thursday, 27 August 2015

City VS Country Living

I grew up in the city, but in the suburbs, which at the time was more like small town living. After I was married, I lived in small and smaller rural communities. It started with a small town, then a village, then some isolated acreage.

We worked our way back to village living, which I think I enjoy the most. Life being what it is, I moved around a lot after that, even spent a time back in the city, worked my way back to small city, then small town. And here I will stay.

There’s something about the city at night, all those bright lights, the mystery, the romance. 

But down on street level it can be crowded, to busy, and not so pretty. I admit the city scares me, I’ve become a country person, like those wide open spaces, the familiar faces.

Bad things can happen anywhere, and living in a small town or rural area doesn’t mean one will be safe, secure, but it is more likely. For me, I like the slower pace, the smaller crowds, and the quieter times.

We each need to find that place that suits us best.

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